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3/4 Inch Drive Deep 6-Point Socket & Ratchet Set, 25-Piece (3/4-2 in.)

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3/4 Inch Drive Sockets

6-point socket openings provide an ideal, exact fit for hex-shaped fastener heads.

Prevent fastener round-off with radiused corners that contact fasteners on their flat sides and not their corners.

Deep-length reaches over long fasteners and into recessed areas.

Large, stamped markings are permanently impressed into the steel and can’t wear off.

Refined chrome plating protects against corrosion and wipes clean to a mirror finish.

72-Tooth Ratchet

5-degree swing arc and ultra-compact head allow access into tighter spaces.

Quick-release drive retains and easily releases sockets with the press of a button.


Universal Joint

Reach around obstructions and access fasteners at an angle.

8 Inch Extension

Extend your reach into tight, narrow spaces or past obstructions using the knurled extension.

Carrying Case

Strong and resilient case made from high-density polyethylene withstands exposure to common lubricants, fuels, and solvents.

Carrying handle and strong latches with metal hinge pins keep the case securely locked shut.

Efficiently organized with clear, molded markings for each tool and a deep parts tray.

High Torque Strength

Our 3/4 inch drive sockets meet a minimum value of 1.3 times the ANSI standard for Proof Torque—a measure of strength verified by a single-cycle test that applies torque until the specified value is reached without failure or any permanent deformation.

Most Complete 3/4 Inch Hand Drive Socket Line

6-pt Standard2100000
6-pt Deep21111000
12-pt Standard21262525200
12-pt Deep000000
6-pt Standard2300000
6-pt Deep2300000
12-pt Standard23525000
12-pt Deep000000

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3/4 Inch Drive Deep 6-Point Socket & Ratchet Set, 25-Piece (3/4-2 in.)

A. Length 22.3 in.
B. Width 15.4 in.
C. Height 4.3 in.
Weight 41.27 lb
Country of Origin Taiwan

Set Includes:

21-pc. 3/4 in. Drive Deep 6-Point Sockets (3/4-2 in.)
1-pc. 3/4 in. Drive Universal Joint
1-pc. 3/4 in. Drive x 8 in. Extension
1-pc. 3/4 in. Drive 72-Tooth Ratchet
1-pc. Carrying Case