About Us

Our Story

Tekton, Inc. is a family-owned hand tool company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We design, engineer, market, and manage the production of our tools, while also performing some of the light manufacturing and assembly ourselves. We have about 80 employees, all of whom are local.

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to make a single line of strong, classic, lean hand tools, efficiently and expertly, so that everyone from professional mechanics to homeowners can enjoy the same impressive experience of using a well-made, refined tool.

To meet our tool users' needs, we do a lot of things differently than other tool companies. We don't offer multiple levels of quality—just one exceptional level we call TEKTON. We organize products into complete systems, without repeating names or creating ambiguity about what the tools do. And, through intentional design and lean manufacturing, we make tools that work better and cost less than the competition's. We know that tools, like many things, don't have to be expensive to work well—they need to be made well to work well.

How we make our tools

We start by thinking about the tool we'd want to own. We also consider feedback we've heard from tool users and study the best options already available in the market. We identify smart, capable manufacturing partners and embark on a collaborative process of development and engineering.

Our manufacturing partners can be found in many places and contribute many different skills. We work with wood carvers in the Midwest, metal fabricators and plastic injection molders across the United States, wrench makers in Taiwan, hammer forgers in China, and many others.

In all situations, we make design and manufacturing choices with one overarching objective in mind—to give you the most impressive hand tool experience you can get at any price.

Guaranteed Support

TEKTON tools are Always Guaranteed. Once a TEKTON tool becomes yours, we're available to help you with it no matter where you got the tool or how long ago.

Our Team

Tekton's team is growing to support the growing interest in our tools. As a privately owned company, we're able to work fast and respond flexibly to our customers' needs. We invest in engineering, customer support, and great design. We also invest in our employees. We're committed to hiring the very best people who can inspire us to be better.