Gripping Pliers Set, 3-Piece (Long Nose, Bent Nose)

Item #PGF99101
Ships May 28
  • Thin, lightweight 7-inch (straight) and 6-inch (bent) pliers have an extra long, slender nose that reaches deep into tight spaces and grasps small parts
  • Strong, stout 8-inch pliers have thick jaws that taper to a fine tip just at the nose to prevent twisting
  • Crosscut teeth distribute force evenly for sure grip in any direction
  • Side cutter with induction-hardened blades (HRC 58-64) on the 7-inch and 8-inch pliers cleanly snips copper, aluminum, and other soft metal wire
  • Slim, nonslip grips provide comfort and control without adding bulk
Long, Slender Nose

Relative to their overall length, the 7-inch pliers have an extra long and slender nose that reaches deep into tight spaces and offers a deft grasp on small parts.

Thick Jaws with Fine Tips

Tapering to a fine tip just at the nose, the jaws of the 8-inch pliers are thick and wide at the base so they won’t roll over each other or separate when you are aggressively pulling or twisting.

70-Degree Bent Nose

The 6-inch pliers have a smooth, 70-degree bend to work around obstructions. Originating from a point more than halfway down the jaw, the bent section is exceptionally long, offering generous reach.

Crosscut Teeth

Oriented at 120 degrees to each other—60 degrees to each side of the jaw centerline—the serrations are cut in two passes to form regularly-spaced, diamond-shaped teeth. Unlike single serrations that are cut straight across the jaw, this pattern creates uniform contact across the jaw surface, allowing you to grasp, pull, and twist evenly in any direction.

Gripping Pliers Set, 3-Piece (Long Nose, Bent Nose)

A. Length 7.5 in.
B. Width 2 in.
C. Height 0.6 in.
D. Head Length 3 in.
E. Head Width 0.8 in.
F. Head Thickness 0.4 in.
G. Handle Length 4.5 in.
H. Grip Length 3.5 in.
I. Teeth 1 in.
J. Blade Length 0.5 in.
Weight 0.36 lb
Country of Origin Taiwan
  • 2-pc. long nose pliers: 7, 8 in.
  • 1-pc. bent long nose pliers: 6 in.