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1/4 Inch Drive Micrometer Torque Wrench (20-200 in.-lb.)

  • Micrometer Torque Wrenches do not include a certificate of calibration. If one is required for your application, shop Split Beam Torque Wrenches.

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±4% Accuracy

Calibrated according to the ASME B107.300-2010 standard, each wrench is evaluated at three set points along its full range—20%, 60%, and 100%.

Example at 100 in.-lb.

Chart Showing Tekton Micrometer Torque Wrench Maximum Expected Error

Maximum Expected Error

Accuracy: the maximum expected error between the torque value on the wrench’s dial and the actual force the wrench exerts on a fastener

Micrometer Design and Operation

TEKTON Micrometer Torque Wrench Cutaway
TEKTON Micrometer Torque Wrench Video Thumbnail

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Proper storage: To maintain calibration, store micrometer-style wrenches at their lowest setting. Tekton's 24320 should be stored at 20 in.-lb.

Clockwise Measurement

Drives in both directions and measures torque in the clockwise direction

TEKTON Micrometer Torque Wrench Drive Direction
TEKTON Micrometer Torque Wrench Scale

Dual-Range Scale

High-contrast, easy-to-read scale is marked with in.-lb. and Nm units

Locking Nut

Locks the torque setting in place while you are using the wrench

TEKTON Micrometer Torque Wrench Setting Lock


1/4 Inch Drive Micrometer Torque Wrench (20-200 in.-lb.)

Specs for 1/4 Inch Drive Micrometer Torque Wrench (20-200 in.-lb.)
Torque Range
20 - 200 in.-lb.
Torque Range N-m
2.2-22.6 Nm
Scale Increment
1.0 in.-lb. ; 0.11 Nm
Tooth Count
Country of Origin
Item Weight
1.3 lb.