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Pick and Hook Set (10-Piece)



Set Includes

Sharp Point for Precise Work

Each tip comes to a sharp 30-degree tapered point for precise scraping, piercing, and scribing.

Resists Twisting Out

Two "wings" on the base of the blade help it resist being twisted or pulled out of the handle.

Versatile Handle

The classic square handle is long and slender with contoured sides for overall versatility and maneuverability.

Materials and Construction

Resistant to extreme temps, high impacts, chips, cracks, scratches, dents, fuels, grease, cleaners, and solvents

Manufactured in Michigan

Our family of mini pry bar, pick, and hook products is made entirely in Michigan with only USA-sourced materials. Machining, bending, coining, handle molding, and press-fitting the handle and blade take place at our Grand Rapids, Michigan manufacturing facility.


Pick and Hook Set (10-Piece)

Country of Origin
United States
Item Weight
0.8 lb.