6-in-1 Square Drivers (S0 x S1, S2 x S3)

Item #DMS14006
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Virtually Indestructible Handle

Extremely durable handle made of glass-reinforced nylon. Molded in the USA.

    • Extreme Temps
    • High Impacts
    • Chips & Cracks
    • Scratches & Dents
    • Fuels & Grease
    • Cleaners & Solvents

Smooth, Classic Grip

Smooth fluted sides provide a natural grip for your fingers.

Driver Cutaway

6 Tools in 1

One compact and versatile tool gives you access to 4 screwdriver sizes and 2 nut driver sizes.

Interchangeable Components

Use different driver types and sizes by flipping the bits or the nut driver bit tube.

Nut Driver Bit Tube

  • Chrome-plated steel tube serves as both a double-ended nut driver and a screwdriver bit holder
  • Retaining ball locks into the driver handle to hold it securely in place

Double-Ended Screwdriver Bits

  • Two sizes per bit—engraved size markings on each end
  • Bits tips are milled 21 mm down the shank, allowing for clearance into tight spaces
  • Spring-loaded retaining ball holds bits in tube

6-in-1 Square Driver (S0 x S1, S2 x S3, Black)

A. Length 7.7 in.
B. Width 1.2 in.
C. Height 1.2 in.
D. Exposed Bit Length 1.1 in.
E. Exposed Nut Driver and Bit Length 3.2 in.
F. Handle Length 4.5 in.
Weight 0.43 lb.
Country of Origin Nut Driver Bit Tube, Receiver, and Bits made in Taiwan. Handle made in USA.