6-in-1 Driver Handles

Item #DMS11000
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Build your own 6-in-1 Driver by choosing one of each:

Virtually Indestructible Handle

Extremely durable handle made of glass-reinforced nylon. Molded in the USA.

    • Extreme Temps
    • High Impacts
    • Chips & Cracks
    • Scratches & Dents
    • Fuels & Grease
    • Cleaners & Solvents

Smooth, Classic Grip

Smooth fluted sides provide a natural grip for your fingers.

6-in-1 Driver Handle (Black)

A. Length 4.5 in.
B. Width 1.2 in.
C. Height 1.2 in.
Weight 0.2 lb.
Country of Origin Handle made in USA. Receiver made in Taiwan.