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3/8 Inch Drive x 12 mm 6-Point Flare Nut Crowfoot Wrench



Optimized for Engagement, Access, and Strength

Our deep, 6-point design maximizes your contact with fittings and prevents slipping. The sizes of our flare nut crowfoot wrenches scale optimally with fitting depths to achieve the best possible combination of engagement, access, and strength.

Prevents Fastener Round-Off

Radiused corners help avoid fitting round-off by applying force to the fitting’s flat sides, rather than its corners.

Lean Design

Our design is leaner than conventional 6-point crowfoot wrenches, giving you more room to work in tight spaces.

Reinforced Jaw Strength

We reinforced our wrenches with material where it matters most to avoid high stress concentrations and prevent the jaws from spreading.

15º Offset Increases Access Angles

The jaw opening is offset 15 degrees from the center of the wrench so that it can be flipped over to gain additional access angles.

Two Levels of Retention

Smooth, Satin Finish

The flare nut crowfoot wrenches are abrasive blasted to create a smooth, satin finish.

Electroless Nickel Plating for Corrosion Resistance

The electroless nickel plating finish is easy to wipe clean and highly resistant to corrosion.

Uniform Coverage and Better Fit

The electroless process applies a uniform coating to the entire tool surface. By comparison, electroplating, including conventional chrome plating, has varying thickness across the tool because the plating thickness depends on the electric current density at each point on the tool.

The uniformity of an electroless coating has two major advantages:

  1. Complete corrosion protection on interior surfaces
  2. Better fit in the wrench jaws because plating material does not accumulate at the jaw tips

Clear Size Markings

The wrench sizes are laser engraved on the top surface of each wrench with a large, permanent marking that’s easy to read.

Manufactured in Michigan

The flare nut crowfoot wrenches are made entirely in the USA with USA-sourced materials. Machining, broaching, blasting, plating, and engraving take place at our Grand Rapids, Michigan manufacturing facility.


3/8 Inch Drive x 12 mm 6-Point Flare Nut Crowfoot Wrench

Specs for 3/8 Inch Drive x 12 mm 6-Point Flare Nut Crowfoot Wrench
Country of Origin
United States
Item Weight
0.06 lb.