3/4 Inch Drive Extension Set, 3-Piece (4, 8, 16 in.)

Item #SHA93003
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Extended Reach

Attach an extension to your drive tool for reaching past obstructions or into tight, narrow spaces with your socket.

The extension’s chrome-plated finish is highly corrosion resistant and easily wipes clean to a mirror finish.

Available in 3 Lengths

Knurled Grip

The knurled band offers a firm grip for starting or turning loosened fasteners by hand and for pulling the extension on and off of a drive tool.

Secure Drive Tool Engagement

A. Four detent grooves provide a secure connection with the retaining ball of a drive tool.

B. Drilled through-hole allows ability to lock onto a drive tang with a retaining pin.

C. Beveled edge helps guide a drive tang smoothly into place.

D. Radiused corners reinforce the strength of the drive end by eliminating sharp angles that are prone to cracking under stress.

Spring-Loaded Retaining Ball

The extension's spring-loaded retaining ball latches into the detents of a socket and holds it firmly in place.

3/4 Inch Drive Extension Set, 3-Piece (4, 8, 16 in.)

A. Length 4 in.
B. Diameter 1 in.
C. Shaft Diameter 1 in.
D. Tang Size 3/4 in.
E. Drive Size 3/4 in.
F. Locking Pin Hole Diameter 6 mm
Weight 0.85 lb.
Country of Origin Taiwan