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3/4 Inch Drive All Accessories Set (6-Piece)

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  • Connect 3/4 inch drive tools to 1/2 and 1 inch drive sockets and accessories to expand your range of available tools
  • The extensions’ knurled bands provide grip for starting or turning loosened fasteners with fingertips
  • Access fasteners at an angle with the universal joint’s smooth, continuous rotation at up to a 55˚ angle
  • Detent grooves provide a secure connection with the drive tool and a drilled through-hole allows locking with retaining pin
  • Spring-loaded retaining balls latch into sockets and hold them securely in place
  • Polished, chrome-plated finish is easy to clean and highly resistant to corrosion


Adapt 3/4 inch drive tools to 1 inch drive sockets.


Reduce 3/4 inch drive tools to 1/2 inch drive sockets.

Universal Joint

Reach around obstructions and access fasteners at an angle.

Multiple Extensions

Attach an extension to your drive tool for reaching past obstructions or into tight, narrow spaces with your socket.

Secure Drive Tool Engagement

A.  Four detent grooves provide a secure connection with the retaining ball of a drive tool.

B.  Drilled through-hole allows ability to lock onto a drive tang with a retaining pin.

C.  Beveled edge helps guide a drive tang smoothly into place.

D.  Radiused corners reinforce the strength of the drive end by eliminating sharp angles that are prone to cracking under stress.

Spring-Loaded Retaining Ball

All accessories feature spring-loaded retaining balls that latch into detents and hold the tools firmly in place.

3/4 Inch Drive All Accessories Set (6-Piece)

A. Length 4 in.
B. Width 1 in.
C. Height 1 in.
D. Drive Size 3/4 in.
E. Tang Size 3/4 in.
F. Locking Pin Hole Diameter 6 mm
Weight 0.85 lb
Country of Origin Taiwan

Set Includes:

1-pc. 3/4 in. Drive (F) x 1/2 in. Drive (M) Reducer
1-pc. 3/4 in. Drive (F) x 1 in. Drive (M) Adapter
1-pc. 3/4 in. Drive Universal Joint
1-pc. 4 in. Extension
1-pc. 3/4 in. Drive x 8 in. Extension
1-pc. 16 in. Extension