Split Beam Torque Wrenches

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±2.5% Accuracy

Example at 200 ft.-lb.

Tekton vs. Industry Standard

Accuracy: the maximum expected error between the value on the wrench’s dial and the actual force the wrench exerts on a fastener

Serialized Certificate of Calibration

Each wrench is calibrated according to the ASME B107.300-2010 standard. The detailed test results are recorded on the included certificate.

Each wrench is engraved with a unique serial number that corresponds to a certificate of calibration.

Split Beam Design and Operation

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Easy to Read,Easy to Set

Set – Quickly turn to the desired torque value with a smooth thumbscrew adjustment.

Lock – Teeth inside the cover lock the torque setting in place while you are using the wrench.

Leave – Since there’s no internal tension when the wrench is at rest, you don’t need to turn it to the lowest setting for storage.

Easy to Read,Easy to Set

Flexible Head

The flexible head offers the clearance to work around nearby obstructions.

As with any flex-head torque wrench, some accuracy is lost when the handle is not in the straight position, so this feature should only be used when needed.

1/2 Inch Drive Split Beam Torque Wrench (40-250 ft.-lb.)

A. Length 22.8 in.
B. Width 1.7 in.
C. Height 1.4 in.
D. Head Thickness 0.8 in.
E. Working Length 19.2 in.
F. Head Length 1.9 in.
G. Handle Length 20.1 in.
H. Head Angle 10º
Drive Size 1/2 in.
Torque Range 40-250 ft.-lb.
Dial Increment 5 ft.-lb.
Accuracy ±2.5%
Measuring Direction Clockwise
Tooth Count 32
Weight 3.7 lb.
Country of Origin Taiwan