1/2 Inch Drive Thin Wall Impact Flip Sockets

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Ideal for Wheel Service

For use with 1/2 inch drive impact tools
Requires 3-inch extension
(included in set)
Flip to change sizes

Maximum Reach

Maximum Reach

The Tekton flip socket is both longer and has lower stepped shoulders than competitors to give you maximum reach into lug nut wells.

Thin Walls

The outer diameter is 1 to 2 mm smaller than other Tekton impact sockets, allowing for better access in tight lug nut wells.

Radiused Corners

The radiused corners prevent fastener round-off by applying force to the flat sides of a lug nut, rather than its corners.

60° Chamfer

The steep 60° chamfered opening makes it easy for the flip socket to slide over lug nuts.

Extra Deep Wells

Each socket well is extra deep to provide increased engagement with lug nuts and clearance for decorative caps.

  • The extra long socket allows each well to be deeper for greater engagement
  • The extension is recessed to avoid contact with decorative caps

Laser & Stamped Markings

The size is marked in two ways on every socket—both as a high-visibility laser marking and a permanent stamped marking.

Sockets Exceed ANSI Torque Standards

Each flip socket size meets a minimum of 1.3 times the ANSI/ASME standard for proof torque.

(A single-cycle test applies torque until a specified value is reached without failure or permanent deformation.)


Source: ASME B107.110-2012


Source: ASME B107.110-2012

High-Performing Steel Alloys

High-Performing Steel Alloys

  • The flip sockets are made from 4140 Chromium-Molybdenum steel
  • The 3-inch extension is made from 6140 Chromium-Vanadium steel

All pieces have a corrosion-resistant manganese phosphate coating.

Drive Tool Retention

The included 3-inch extension works for both types of anvils found on 1/2 inch drive impact wrenches:

Friction Ring Anvil

Detent Pin Anvil

1/2 Inch Drive 1 x 1-1/16 Inch Thin Wall Impact Flip Socket

A. Length 3.27 in.
B. Socket End Diameter (Small) 1.38 in.
C. Socket End Diameter (Large) 1.46 in.
D. Socket Opening Size (Small) 1 in.
E. Socket Opening Size (Large) 1-1/16 in.
F. Well Depth (Small) 0.9 in.
G. Well Depth (Large) 1.2 in.
H. Drive Size 1/2 in.
I. Locking Pin Hole Diameter 6 mm
J. Small End Length 1.9 in.
Weight 0.74 lb.
Country of Origin Taiwan