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Scratch and Punch Awl with Hard Handle

Item #PNH21106
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The exact color of the black oxide blade finish may vary.


Strong, Stout Blade

  • We heat-treat AISI 8650 steel, a Ni-Cr-Mo alloy, to 52–56 HRC to make the blade strong without being brittle.
  • A black oxide finish is applied to prevent corrosion. Keep lightly oiled.
Closeup of the tip of the Awl blade

Hard, Durable Handle

Closeup of the Awl's handle

The handle is made of a hard glass-reinforced nylon that's easy to clean and resistant to fuels, oils, and chemicals.

Comfortable Grip

Hand holding the Awl

Contoured sides create natural positions for your fingers, and the rounded square shape fits comfortably in your palm.

Closeup cutaway view of how the hanle is molded around the blade

Secure Blade Connection

The blade is insert molded into the handle, and two “wings” at the base of the blade resist pushing, pulling, and twisting.

Many Uses for Any Shop

TEKTON Awl scribing a line on a workpiece

Scribe Accurate Lines

Scratch thin, accurate lines onto a workpiece that are easy to see and feel, but won’t rub off.

TEKTON Awl punching a center point on a workpiece

Punch Center Points

Press the conical tip into a workpiece to mark a center point for starting drill bits and screws without wandering.

TEKTON Awl piercing through a workpiece

Pierce Soft Materials

Perform a variety of piercing and punching jobs on softer materials such as foam, rubber, leather and fabric.

TEKTON Awl aligning the holes of two overlapping workpieces

Align Holes

Insert the gradually tapered shaft through holes in two or more parts to position them for accurate fastening or welding.


Scratch and Punch Awl with Hard Handle

Specs for Scratch and Punch Awl with Hard Handle
Country of Origin
United States
Item Weight
0.19 lb.