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TEKTON PMN54001-T Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers
TEKTON PMN54001-T Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers
TEKTON PMN54001-T Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers
TEKTON PMN54001-T Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers
TEKTON PMN54001-T Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers
TEKTON PMN54001-T Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers
TEKTON PMN54001-T Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers
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Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers


7 inch diagonal cutting pliers

  • Blades are finely beveled and induction-hardened to HRC 60-63 to produce a refined semi-flush cut
  • Cuts soft wire like copper, aluminum, brass, and silver (14-38 AWG) and trims plastic parts
  • Face is offset 15 degrees from handles to allow clearance for fingers
  • Recessed coil spring gently assists opening to minimize hand fatigue
  • Wide, flat handles with slim, nonslip grips provide comfortable fingertip control


Semi-Flush Cut

With a fine, shallow bevel at the face, these blades produce a refined semi-flush cut that's suited to precision work. Induction-hardened to a very hard HRC 60-63 for performance and long life, the cutting edges cleanly snip soft metal wires like copper, aluminum, brass, and silver in sizes 14-38 AWG and neatly trim plastic parts and ties. To allow clearance for fingers, the cutting face is offset to 15 degrees from the handle.

Recessed Coil Spring

Gently assisting the opening action of pliers, the long-arm coil spring is neatly tucked between handles so it won't get in the way or be accidentally dislodged. The spring itself has a relaxed opening angle of 137 degrees—nearly twice the opening angle of the pliers—so it stays properly tensioned when pliers are fully opened. Coiled twice, it achieves the right balance of the force required to open pliers with that required to close them, greatly improving overall control and reducing hand fatigue.

Wide Profile Handles

Generous in overall size, the handles have a wide, flat profile that creates a large contact area for fingertips to comfortably rest and exert exacting control. Slim vinyl grips add a bit of cushion and a nonslip surface without being bulky.

Custom-Engineered Alloy

Formulated for key performance characteristics, our pliers are made from a custom-engineered steel alloy with a high carbon content that strikes an ideal balance between machinability and toughness in its final hardened state (HRC 44-48). This allows for precise machining of tips and edges, strong, well-formed teeth, high hardenability on cutting blades, and minimizes flexing under stress.

Classic Finish

The main faces of the head and upper handle get their final surface with an extra fine 320 grit polishing process. Instead of adding a thick lacquer coating that scratches or chips off over time, the surface is protected by an ultra thin layer of dry-to-touch oil that can be maintained and recoated throughout the life of the pliers.

Individually Tuned

After final assembly and heat treatment, each pliers is individually inspected and tuned for jaw alignment and overall operation, ensuring optimal performance. For pliers with cutting edges, the resulting cut quality is verified on every pliers according to ASME testing procedures.


Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Specs for Mini Diagonal Cutting Pliers
Cutting Capacity
Soft Wire 14-38 AWG
Country of Origin
Item Weight
0.19 lb.