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Parts and Assembly

Two Box End Sizes in One

Tekton Ratcheting Wrench Length Comparisons

Tekton ratcheting wrenches are made in a wide range of sizes in three styles: reversible, flex head, and long flex box end. This comparison uses representative examples of small, medium, and large wrenches in each style.

180º Flex Heads

The flex head sweeps smoothly through 180 degrees without any set positions. This allows the wrench to operate at any angle and navigate around obstructions in its swing path.

12-Point Box Ends

Fits multiple types of fasteners, including 6-point, 12-point, and square.

Ratcheting Wrench Box End Minimum Proof Torque

* Size unavailable in long flex box end ratcheting wrenches.
Data from: ASME B107.100-2020 Category 6 Combination Wrench and ASME B107.100-2020 Category 66 Ratcheting Box Wrench Type II.

Clear Markings

Tekton flex head ratcheting wrenches are permanently marked in two ways: a high-visibility laser marking and a stamped marking.

Smooth, Satin Chrome Finish

We make our ratcheting wrench bodies from 6140 chromium-vanadium steel and heat-treat them to 42-49 HRC. The wrenches are abrasive-blasted to create a finely textured finish, which is then plated with trivalent chromium.

Organization Features

Custom Build Your Modular Organization System

A Compact Custom Wrench Organization System

Fits a Wide Range of Wrench Sizes and Types

The tapered shape of the slots allows them to hold a wide range of wrench sizes at orderly angles and with consistent spacing.

Feet Grip Drawer Liners

Durable Polypropylene Construction

Resistant to extreme temps, high impacts, chips, cracks, scratches, dents, fuels, grease, cleaners, and solvents


Long Flex Head 12-Point Ratcheting Box End Wrench Set with Modular Slotted Organizer, 13-Piece (1/4-13/16 in., 6-19 mm)

Country of Origin
Wrenches made in Taiwan. Modular Slotted Organizers made in USA.
Item Weight
8.4 lb.