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Combination Wrench Set with Wall Hanger, 27-Piece (6 - 32 mm)



Angled Open End

To reduce the working swing arc in tight spaces, the open end is angled 15 degrees so the wrench can be flipped over with each rotation to engage the fastener twice as often.

12-Point Box End

A 12-point box end doubles the available access angles, as compared to a 6-point end. In order to prevent rounding off fasteners, the box end is designed to contact and apply force to the sides of a fastener head and not the corners.

Offset Box End

The box end is offset 15 degrees, creating clearance for your fingers and making it easier to reach around obstructions.

Storage Features

Wall-Mount Wrench Hanger

The wrench hanger easily attaches to a wall, keeping your wrenches organized and quickly accessible.

Wrench Retention

The top tabs secure wrenches in the hanger so they can’t fall off. To remove a wrench from its slot, lift it up so the box end clears the tab.

Mounting Slots

3-inch slots cut through the bottom of the hanger provide many mounting options. The slots are positioned so the hanger can be centered when fastened to standard 16-inch-spaced studs.
The metric (red) wall hanger can also be mounted to 24-inch-spaced studs.


The hanger is made from 12 gauge powder-coated steel that resists bending and corrosion.


Combination Wrench Set with Wall Hanger, 27-Piece (6 - 32 mm)

Specs for Combination Wrench Set with Wall Hanger, 27-Piece (6 - 32 mm)
Country of Origin
Wrenches made in Taiwan. Wall Hanger made in Canada.
Item Weight
20.96 lb.