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9-Tool Wrench Holder (Black)

  • Holder has 9 wrench slots
  • Designed for Tekton combination wrenches—may not fit other brands or other types of wrenches

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Flexible Teeth Grip Wrenches

Nonslip holders firmly hold wrenches into place so that they can't fall out.

TEKTON Wrench Holder has flexible teeth
TEKTON Wrench Holder holds wrenches secure
TEKTON Wrench Holder has carrying handle

Versatile Store-and-Go

The full-sized handle folds up when stored and makes it easy to carry wrenches on the go.

Save Drawer Space

The low-profile wrench holder fits into most shallow tool cabinet drawers.

TEKTON Wrench Holder - Side View
TEKTON Wrench Holder fits in most drawers
TEKTON Wrench Holder Wall-Mount Storage

Wall-Mount Storage

Mounting holes allow the wrench holder to hang on a wall.

Quality Construction

Polymer construction resists fuels and chemicals and has no sharp edges to scratch tools. Made in USA.

TEKTON Wrench Holder construction

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TEKTON Wrench Rails Photo


  • Ideal for shallow drawers
  • Offered in forward & reverse
TEKTON Wrench Rails Side View

Wrenches lay flat

TEKTON Wrench Rails Top View
TEKTON Wrench Rack Photo


  • Ideal for drawers
  • Hangs on wall
TEKTON Wrench Rack Side View

Wrenches rest in slots

TEKTON Wrench Rack Top View

13, 15, or 19-tool

TEKTON Wrench Holder Photo


  • Ideal for on-the-go
  • Hangs on wall
  • Fits in drawers
TEKTON Wrench Holder Side View

Wrenches are gripped

TEKTON Wrench Holder Top View

9, 11, 12, 13, or 15-tool

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TEKTON Wrench Pouch Photo


  • Ideal for on-the-go
  • Hangs on wall
TEKTON Wrench Pouch Side View

Wrenches roll up in pouch

TEKTON Wrench Pouch Top View

9 or 15-tool


9-Tool Wrench Holder (Black)

Specs for 9-Tool Wrench Holder (Black)
Country of Origin
United States
Item Weight
0.15 lb.