Hex High-Torque Screwdrivers

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Unique three‐sided handles combine maximum power with smooth speed.

The exact color of the black oxide blade finish may vary.

Versatile Handle Design

Generate Higher Torque

The three-sided middle section of the handle leverages the structure of your hand to generate higher turning power longer.

Spin Fasteners Quickly

The round shape at the front and back ends of the handle allow you to spin fasteners quickly and continuously.

Durable, Nonslip Handle

The overmolded grip provides a soft, nonslip surface that is permanently bonded to the handle and won't degrade or become sticky over time.

  • Extreme Temps
  • Gas &
  • Oils &
  • Cleaners & Solvents

Easy-to-Read Markings

Tip type and size are printed on the end of the driver for easy identification.

Precisely Formed Hex Tip

  • The tip geometry is milled to precise tolerances for an exact fit with fasteners.
  • Made from strong, heat-treated steel so that the tips hold their shape over time.

Materials + Construction

AISI 8650 Steel Blade

  • Strong nickel, chromium, molybdenum alloy hardened to HRC 52-56
  • Black oxide finish - keep lightly oiled for best corrosion protection

Polypropylene Handle

  • Reinforced with calcium carbonate for dimensional stability
  • Shore D 68 durometer

Overmolded Grip

  • Soft thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Shore A 80 durometer

Insert Molded for Exceptional Strength

We use a molding process that forms the handle around the blade, rather than forcing the blade into a premade handle. The result is a straighter blade that can’t twist out.

7 mm Hex High-Torque Screwdriver

A. Length 8.7 in.
B. Width 1.5 in.
C. Height 1.5 in.
D. Exposed Blade Length 4 in.
E. Handle Length 4.7 in.
F. Shaft Diameter 0.375 in.
G. Tip Length 0.6 in.
Weight 0.36 lb.
Country of Origin United States