Angle Nose Slip Joint Pliers

Item #PGA16007
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  • Sharp, angled pipe-wrench-style teeth offer a sure bite
  • Slip joint design adjusts to multiple positions
  • Nut and bolt fastener allows fine‐tuning of operating tension
  • Slim, nonslip grips provide comfort and control without adding bulk
Angled Teeth

Sharp teeth on each jaw are angled to work with the direction of operation, creating a high‐leverage, nonslip bite like a pipe wrench.

Adjustable Jaw

The versatile three‐position slip joint quickly and smoothly adjusts to fit the situation.

Wire Shear

The shear‐type wire cutter cleanly snips copper, aluminum, and hardened steel wire like piano wire and guitar strings.

Comfortable Handles

A broad, rounded handle profile distributes force evenly across your hand to reduce stress and pressure. Slim, nonslip grips add cushion and comfort without adding bulk.

7 Inch Angle Nose Slip Joint Pliers (7/8 in. Jaw)

A. Length 6.9 in.
B. Width 1.8 in.
C. Height 0.5 in.
D. Jaw Capacity 7/8 in.
Weight 0.42 lb.
Country of Origin United States