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TEKTON DMS91001-T 6-in-1 Driver Set, 2-Piece (#1 - #2, 3/16 - 1/4 in., T10 - T25 )
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6-in-1 Driver Set, 2-Piece (#1 - #2, 3/16 - 1/4 in., T10 - T25 )



6-in-1 Handle

Virtually Indestructible Handle

Extremely durable handle made of glass-reinforced nylon. Molded in the USA.

    • Extreme Temps
    • High Impacts
    • Chips & Cracks
    • Scratches & Dents
    • Fuels & Grease
    • Cleaners & Solvents
6-in-1 Driver Grip

Smooth, Classic Grip

Smooth fluted sides provide a natural grip for your fingers.

6-in-1 Driver Handle End 6-in-1 Driver Handle Spin
6-in-1 Driver Grip

Driver Cutaway

6-in-1 Driver Cutaway
6-in-1 Driver Components

Interchangeable Components

Use different driver types and sizes by flipping the bits or the nut driver bit tube.

Changing Bits
Nut Driver Bit Tube

Nut Driver Bit Tube

  • Chrome-plated steel tube serves as both a double-ended nut driver and a screwdriver bit holder
  • Retaining ball locks into the driver handle to hold it securely in place
Nut Driver Bit Tube
Double-Ended Screwdriver Bits

Double-Ended Screwdriver Bits

  • Two sizes per bit—engraved size markings on each end
  • Bits tips are milled 21 mm down the shank, allowing for clearance into tight spaces
  • Spring-loaded retaining ball holds bits in tube


6-in-1 Driver Set, 2-Piece (#1 - #2, 3/16 - 1/4 in., T10 - T25 )

Country of Origin
Nut driver bit tube, receiver, and bits made in Taiwan. Handle made in USA.
Item Weight
0.69 lb.