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TEKTON WAE84033-T 33 mm Angle Head Open End Wrench
TEKTON WAE84033-T 33 mm Angle Head Open End Wrench
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33 mm Angle Head Open End Wrench



Unmatched Access

Upgrade your capability to work around obstructions. With angled heads that allow you to progressively turn fasteners and fittings in confined spaces, Tekton's 30°/60° angle head wrenches save you time because you can continue work without disconnecting or dismantling equipment to access tight spots.

Competitor 15º/60º Wrench

Narrower coverage, more blind spots = more failures accessing obstructed fittings

Tekton 30º/60º Wrench

Greater coverage, fewer blind spots = more success in limited access situations.

Optimized Beam Position

The wrench beam is shifted the maximum lateral distance out of your way to allow the greatest range of motion around obstructions.

Superior Clearance

In this comparison with identical arrangements, Tekton's wrench can progressively turn the fastener in a confined space, while the Snap-on 30º/60º wrench lacks clearance.

Lean Outside Jaw

We set steel thicknesses precisely as needed to withstand the forces generated throughout the jaw, resulting in the leanest possible shape to get into smaller spaces than competitor wrenches.

Strong Inside Jaw

By forming the largest possible inside corner radius, we reduced the effects of concentrated stress—which can cause the jaws to spread and go out of tolerance.

4140 Chrome Moly Steel

We put chrome molybdenum steel through strictly controlled metal-forming and heat-treating processes to meet high strength requirements with a leaner shape and less material than competitor wrenches.

Precise Manufacturing

We developed a proprietary manufacturing method using laser cutting and CNC machining to make our wrenches with efficiency and precision. One of the results is exact jaw sizing—especially important when an angle head wrench is your only option to turn a soft metal fitting tucked in a hard-to-reach area. Our angle head wrenches were designed and engineered by Tekton at our headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and are made entirely in the USA.


33 mm Angle Head Open End Wrench

Specs for 33 mm Angle Head Open End Wrench
Country of Origin
United States
Item Weight
1.37 lb.