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6 Extensions

Attach an extension to your drive tool for reaching past obstructions or into tight, narrow spaces with your socket.

Universal Joint

Reach around obstructions and access fasteners at an angle.


Adapt 3/8 inch drive tools to 1/2 inch drive sockets.


Reduce 3/8 inch drive tools to 1/4 inch drive sockets.

Hex Bit Holder

Adapt 1/4 inch hex shank bits to 3/8 inch drive tools.

Knurled Grip

The knurled band offers a firm grip for turning fasteners and attaching or removing extensions from a drive tool.

Secure Drive Tool Engagement

Detent grooves and beveled edges provide a smooth and secure connection with the drive tool.


3/8 Inch Drive Accessories Set (10-Piece)

Country of Origin
Item Weight
3.41 lb.