Long Alignment Punches

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Also available in a 3-piece set

  • A gradually tapered self-centering nose aligns holes in multiple parts, positioning them for accurate assembly
  • Made from premium high-carbon steel
  • Straight and true, the tip and taper are precisely machined to meet exacting tolerances
  • Individual heat treatment allows careful control of tip hardness and temper of striking end
  • Classic natural finish has a dry, rust-preventative coating

Align and Position

  • Drive the gradually tapered punch through holes in two or more parts to position them for accurate fastening or welding.
  • Use the punch to create leverage and guide even heavy pieces into alignment with smooth control.

Extra Length

  • Reach past obstructions and align larger parts than you can with the standard-length punches.
  • Increase your leverage for moving heavy pieces with room for a two-handed grip if you need it.

Precise Tips

Each tip and taper are carefully machined to meet exact tolerances.

Strong and Refined

  • Made from premium, high carbon steel
  • Laser marked with the tip size and part number
  • Finished with a dry, rust-preventative coating

Individually Heat Treated

Each punch is individually heat treated to harden and strengthen the tip while maintaining the soft temper of the striking end.

Hardened Tip

Maintains its precise size and shape

Tempered Striking End

Absorbs hammer blows without chipping

3/16 Inch Long Alignment Punch

A. Length 12.0 in.
B. Width 0.4 in.
C. Height 0.4 in.
Weight 0.34 lb.
Country of Origin United States