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TEKTON OSC76000-T 13 Inch 3-Rail Storage Tray
TEKTON OSC76000-T 13 Inch 3-Rail Storage Tray
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13 Inch 3-Rail Tray



Stand Upright in Drawer

The trays securely hold the socket rails in an upright position, even through the opening and closing of tool chest drawers.

Easily Portable

Handles on either side of the tray make it easy to lift out of a drawer.

Rigid ABS Polymer Construction

Our trays are molded from a strong, rigid, and impact resistant ABS polymer. This gives you a stiff and well-supported product suited for supporting the weight of the sockets.


13 Inch 3-Rail Tray

Specs for 13 Inch 3-Rail Tray
Country of Origin
United States
Item Weight
0.37 lb.