Angled Tip Handled Pry Bars

Item #LSQ42012
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  • Angled tip creates a high‐leverage fulcrum for prying or lifting
  • Sharpened chisel end wedges into tight spaces
  • Generously sized textured poly handle offers a comfortable, nonslip grip
  • Steel striking cap allows pry bar tip to be driven into place with a hammer
  • Made from square bar stock that won't easily flex or twist
Angled Tip

In addition to creating a high‐leverage fulcrum for prying, the angled tip also provides a pivot point around which to lift and position heavy objects like machinery or tables with fine control.

Comfortable Handle

The generously sized textured handle provides a sure, nonslip grip that lets you comfortably and confidently apply as much force as needed. Made of impact‐resistant polypropylene, it's extremely durable and unaffected by fuels, oils, cleaners, solvents, and most other common chemicals.

Steel Striking Cap

A large, 1 inch diameter solid steel cap on the end of the handle is designed for hammer striking, allowing you to drive the tip into the tightest of spaces. Inserted deeply into the handle, the cap fully contacts the end of the bar, so the force of each hammer blow is transferred directly to the bar itself.

Strong and Reliable Construction

Forged on stout 3/8 inch square stock, this high‐strength bar won't easily flex or twist under load so it's able to deliver consistent leverage. A black oxide finish resists corrosion and won't flake or chip off like painted, powder coated, or chrome plated finishes.

12 Inch Angled Tip Handled Pry Bar

A. Length 12.0 in.
B. Width 1.2 in.
C. Height 1.2 in.
D. Shaft Length 7.0 in.
E. Tip Width 0.63 in.
F. Shaft Width 0.38 in.
G. Striking Cap Width 0.96 in.
Weight 0.64 lb.
Country of Origin United States