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Refer a Friend Terms

With Tekton’s Refer a Friend Program, existing customers can generate a Referral Promo Code to refer up to 10 friends. The referred friends will receive $10 off $75 or more on their first order when they check out with a new account and use a Referral Promo Code. The creator of the Referral Promo Code will automatically receive $10 in Rewards when the friend's order is billed.

Tekton reserves the right to refuse to honor any referral codes or Rewards payments, and to terminate your eligibility from the program for any reason, including failure to follow these terms.

  1. Who can generate a Referral Promo Code?

    1. In order to gain access to the Refer a Friend Program, you must have an active account and have made at least one purchase with that account. Once you meet these requirements, you'll be able to generate a Referral Promo Code to share with others from the My Account > Refer a Friend page.
    2. A Referral Promo Code can be used a maximum of 10 times; after that the code becomes inactive. Each participant can only ever generate one Referral Promo Code, so once 10 people have used your code, your eligibility for the program ends.
  2. How should a Referral Promo Code be shared with others?

    Once you generate a Referral Promo Code, you can copy the code and share it manually through personal communications channels (email, text, etc.). You are not permitted to share your referral code(s) directly on Tekton's social media pages, or any other site where you are not a primary owner, including as a comment. You may not publicize referral codes for use by the general public.You are also not permitted to distribute your referral code(s) for any commercial purpose.

  3. Who is Eligible to use a Referral Promo Code?

    1. To apply a Referral Promo Code to an order, you must check out with a account that does not have any previous orders. The code will not work for guest checkout, or for accounts that have already placed an order in the past.
    2. The person creating the code and the person using the code cannot be the same. If you give your referral code to someone else so that they can buy on your behalf in order to claim a Rewards Payment, you are violating the terms of this program.
  4. How is a Referral Promo Code applied to receive a discount?

    1. The Referral Promo Code can be used to receive a discount of $10 on orders totaling $75 or more, calculated after any other discounts are applied and before tax and shipping are added.
    2. The only way to receive the Refer a Friend discount is to enter the code as a Promo Code at checkout before placing your order. If the Referral Promo Code is not entered at checkout, we will not be able to honor the Refer a Friend discount on the order.
  5. What are the limitations of a Referral Promo Code?

    1. You can only use 1 Referral Promo Code per order. After you use a Referral Promo Code once, you are not eligible to use any Referral Promo Codes on future orders.
    2. Each code has an expiration date. While the code is still active, the expiration date can be extended at any time by selecting “Extend expiration” on the My Account > Refer a Friend page—even codes that have previously expired can be extended and continue to be used. Once the code has been used 10 times, it becomes inactive and the expiration date cannot be extended.
  6. How and when are Rewards earned?

    Once someone places an order with your referral code and their payment method is charged, you'll automatically receive $10 in Rewards in your account balance within 24 hours.

Last revised: August 25, 2022