Stubby Reversible Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set, 12-Piece (8-19 mm) - Holder

Item #WRN51170
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Set Includes:

Compact Design

With a short length and slim body, these stubby wrenches allow you to work in tight areas where space is limited.

Reversible Drive

  • Instantly toggle the drive direction with a flip of the thumb switch, even while the wrench is still engaged with the fastener head.
  • The biasing action of the low profile switch makes sure that it won't slip, get stuck, or accidentally be bumped out of position.

6-Point Box End

  • The 6-point box end provides an exact fit and maximum contact for hex fasteners.
  • To prevent rounding off fasteners, the box end is designed to grip and apply force to the flat sides of fastener heads, rather than the corners.

72-Tooth = 5° Swing Arc

  • The 72-tooth ratchet gear requires only 5 degrees of swing arc to reach its next tooth position, making it ideal for working in tight spaces.
  • The ratchet gear is cut, rather than press-formed, to create precise teeth that fully engage with the pawl and won't slip under high stress.

15° Offset Box End

The 15-degree box end creates clearance for your fingers to work around obstructions.

Angled Open End

The open end is angled 15 degrees so the wrench can be flipped over with each rotation and engage the fastener twice as often.

Included Wrench Holder

  • The wrench holder's flexible teeth grip the wrenches and hold them in place, even while you're on-the-go.
  • Fold down the wrench holder's handle to save space when storing it in your tool cabinet drawer.

Stubby Reversible Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set, 12-Piece (8-19 mm) - Holder

A. Length 10.9 in.
B. Width 5.4 in.
C. Height 1.8 in.
D. Folded Length 9.7 in.
Weight 2.47 lb.
Country of Origin Wrenches made in Taiwan. Holder made in USA.