Pliers Set, 3-Piece (Long Nose, Diagonal Cutting, Slip Joint)

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  • Diagonal cutting pliers with induction-hardened blades cleanly snip copper, aluminum, and soft steel wire in solid, stranded, and braided forms
  • Thin, lightweight long nose pliers have an extra long, slender nose that reaches deep into tight spaces and grasps small parts
  • Slip joint pliers feature universal three-zone jaws to grip a wide variety of shapes and a shear-type wire cutter to snip soft and hard wire
  • Slim, nonslip grips provide comfort and control without adding bulk
Clean Cut with Minimal Effort

Optimizing the bevel angle of the blades on the diagonal cutting and long nose pliers allows them to be strong yet sharp, producing a satisfyingly smooth, clean cut that requires minimal effort. After the full pliers have been heat treated, a secondary induction-heating process hardens just the blades to 58-64 HRC, making them extremely durable and able to cut tougher materials.

Long, Slender Nose

Relative to their overall length, these pliers have an extra long and slender nose that reaches deep into tight spaces and offers a deft grasp on small parts.

Ultimate Versatility

The slip joint pliers’ three-zone jaws grip almost any shape, including flat stock, thin sheet material, pipe and tubing in a full range of sizes, hex and square nuts, and bolt heads. At the base of the jaws is a shear-type wire cutter that cleanly snips soft metals as well as hardened steel like piano wire.

Lean and Practical Grips

Single-layer vinyl grips offer a bit of comfortable cushion and provide a smooth, yet nonslip surface. They’re slim, not thick and bulky, so they stay out of the way when space is tight and are always easy to handle, even with gloves on.

Pliers Set, 3-Piece (Long Nose, Diagonal Cutting, Slip Joint)

A. Length 7.5 in.
B. Width 2 in.
C. Height 0.6 in.
D. Head Length 3 in.
E. Head Width 0.8 in.
F. Head Thickness 0.4 in.
G. Handle Length 4.5 in.
H. Grip Length 3.5 in.
I. Teeth 1 in.
J. Blade Length 0.5 in.
Weight 0.36 lb
Country of Origin Taiwan
  • 1-pc. long nose pliers: 7 in.
  • 1-pc. diagonal cutting pliers: 7 in.
  • 1-pc. slip joint pliers: 6-1/2 in.