Pliers Set, 2-Piece (Slip Joint, Groove Joint)

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Versatile Jaws

The Slip Joint Pliers' universal, 3-zone jaws, with sharp, evenly spaced teeth grip almost any shape, including flat stock, thin sheet material, pipe and tubing in a full range of sizes, hex and square nuts, and bolt heads.

Angled Teeth

Sharp teeth on each jaw of the Groove Joint Pliers are angled to work with the direction of operation, creating a high-leverage nonslip bite like a pipe wrench.

Adjustable Fastener

A nut and bolt fastener allows the operating tension to be adjusted if needed, and unlike permanent rivets it can be used to re-calibrate and maintain performance throughout service life.

Comfortable Handles

A broad, rounded handle profile distributes force evenly across your hand to reduce stress and pressure. Slim, nonslip grips add cushion and comfort without adding bulk.

Pliers Set, 2-Piece (Slip Joint, Groove Joint)

A. Length 10 in.
B. Width 2.1 in.
C. Height 0.6 in.
D. Jaw Capacity 1.75 in.
Weight 0.93 lb.
Country of Origin United States