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Business Purchaser Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) are in addition to, and not a replacement of, the terms and conditions found at These terms and conditions apply to Business Purchasers who have been approved by Tekton for payment of products on invoiced payment terms (e.g. net 30 days) and not via prepayment by credit card, debit card, or wire.

  1. Order Acceptance

    We must approve all orders we receive. We may cancel or reject an order for many reasons, including restrictions on quantities, inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information, or other issues. Tekton will only bill you for the products that we ship. Your order will be billed when it is shipped.

  2. Payment Terms

    • Prepay is the default payment term.
    • You may complete a credit application and request credit from Tekton. If we approve a credit line, normal payment terms will be net 30 days from the date of the invoice.
    • Tekton may change or approve other payment terms at our discretion.
    • Tekton expects to be paid within terms. If you do not pay within terms, we may charge you a monthly interest rate of 1% per month on overdue balances.
  3. Authorized Purchases By Members of Your Organization

    If you authorize members of your organization to bill purchases to your organization’s approved credit line through the members’ own accounts, you are responsible for the payment owed to Tekton for these purchases whether any specific purchase was authorized by your organization or not. You may revoke your authorization for purchases on your organization’s credit line by contacting Tekton.

  4. Prices

    Prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change without notice. Price quotes are not binding on Tekton. Your actual order total will reflect the prices in effect when you place your order.

  5. Changes or Cancellations

    After Tekton accepts an order, you normally cannot change or add to the order, even if your request is made soon after placing it. If you need to add to it, we will normally process a new order but cannot guarantee they will ship together.

  6. Shipping

    Tekton chooses the carrier and shipping route on a per order basis. Tekton will only use carriers that it determines to be reputable. UPS is Tekton’s preferred carrier for small parcel shipments.

  7. Delivery Conditions

    • Specified shipping dates are based only on our best estimates and cannot be guaranteed.
    • Tekton is not responsible for, and assumes no liability for, any damages or penalties that might be incurred due to a delay in the shipment or delivery of an order.
  8. Sales Tax

    Sales tax will be collected for all orders unless Tekton is provided with a sales tax exemption certificate before the order is placed.

  9. Returns and Refunds

    See the returns and refunds policy at

Last revised: January 3, 2022