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Marketing Specialist

Group: Marketing

Department: Campaigns

Direct SupervisorDirector of & Campaigns

Tekton needs an impressive Marketing Specialist to manage our key digital marketing efforts for A main part of this role is to understand and analyze how our users shop for hand tools online and implement on-brand messaging and strategies to help them connect with Therefore, it is important that this person comes to deeply understand the Tekton brand, its audiences, and its goals. Specifically, the Marketing Specialist is responsible for managing our email campaigns, including identifying meaningful audience segments and matching them with specialized messages that serve their needs. Furthermore, this person is in charge of executing our paid search and social advertising strategies. In order to be successful at this work, the Marketing Specialist must be adept at learning new technologies and interpreting patterns in marketing data.

Some specific role responsibilities

  • Schedule, review, and execute a calendar of email marketing campaigns
  • Develop customer segments and important triggers for driving targeted marketing messages
  • Set up and manage search and shopping advertising campaigns through Google
  • Set up and manage pay-per-click advertisements for various social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Carry out a strategy for paid ads on search and social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Continually review performance of marketing campaigns, and make specific recommendations for improvement
  • Research and test best practices and upcoming trends in digital marketing

Education, experience, and skills

  • You do not need a specific degree or job history for this role, but impressive writing and analytical skills are required. A very high capacity for learning, a commitment to excellence, and high energy and focus are essential to success.

Location and hours

  • This is a full-time, salaried position located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

About the company

Tekton, Inc. is a family-owned company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are dedicated to making the best hand tools you will ever own, and we start by designing the products that we personally believe in and want to own ourselves. We focus especially on tools used in mechanical and assembly work; our core categories include systems of hand drive sockets and ratchets, impact sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers.


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