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Without casters, the cabinet housing can support a vertical load of 12,000 lb. and remain completely functional.

Specs Summary

Drawer Count:6
Max Drawer Load:400 lb. each
Total Storage Capacity:9,828 in.3
Caster Count:2 locking swivel, 2 fixed
Max Caster Load:420 lb. each / 1,680 lb. total
Cabinet Weight:330 lb.
Max Content Load:1,350 lb.
Without casters, the cabinet housing can support a vertical load of 12,000 lb. and remain completely functional.

For tool users who seek the highest level of storage, Tekton offers the most durable and best engineered line of rolling tool cabinets made in North America.

Drawer Sizes and Configuration


W 26 in.
D 21 in.
H 4 in.
W 27.5 in.
D 23 in.
H 5 in.



W 26 in.
D 21 in.
H 2 in.
W 27.5 in.
D 23 in.
H 3 in.



W 26 in.
D 21 in.
H 6 in.
W 27.5 in.
D 23 in.
H 7 in.


Drawer Features

Lift-Anywhere Handle

Open drawers easily and smoothly by lifting anywhere along the aluminum handle.

100% Clearance

Fill the drawers all the way to the brim with nothing getting in your way.

100% Extension

Each drawer extends all the way, allowing access to the very back with no wasted space.

Tested to 130,000 Cycles

Drawers are tested with 200 lb. to over 130,000 open-and-close cycles, which equates to opening the drawer 10 times a day for 35 years.

400 lb. Weight Capacity

Each drawer can support up to 400 lb. at full extension.

Independent Carriage System

Each drawer is supported by a steel carriage system with 10 bearings: 6 ball, 2 floating, and 2 nylon.

One-at-a-Time Drawer System

Only one drawer per bank can be opened at a time, which prevents the cabinet from tipping.

Drawer Liners

Each drawer includes a 1/16-inch thick PVC liner.

Central Locking System

Secure all drawers at once with the keyed locking system. Each cabinet includes 2 keys.

Some sample comparisons between Tekton® and Snap-on® rolling tool cabinet models

ModelCabinet WidthCabinet DepthCabinet HeightCabinet WeightTotal Storage CapacityDrawer Weight CapacityPrice
Snap-on Heritage Series (KRA5311FPBO)53 in.20 in.38.5 in.349 lb.20,000 in.3120 lb. (10 drawers), 250 lb. (1 drawer)$3,800
Snap-on Classic Series (KRA2422PBO)55 in.24 in.39.1875 in.412 lb.23,055 in.3120 lb. (8 drawers), 240 lb. (2 drawers)*$5,790
Snap-on Master Series (KRL722BPBO)54.25 in.24 in.39.875 in.489 lb.23,251 in.3261 lb. (9 drawers), 522 lb. (2 drawers)*$7,050
Snap-on EPIQ Series (KETN602C0PBO)60 in.30 in.46.875 in.774 lb.39,119 in.3227 lb. (6 drawers), 454 lb. (4 drawers)*$12,175
Tekton 60 x 24 Inch (ORG75200)60 in.24 in.42.5 in.645 lb.27,048 in.3400 lb. each drawer (7 drawers)$3,098
Tekton 60 x 30 Inch (ORG75201)60 in.30 in.42.5 in.820 lb.32,022 in.3400 lb. each drawer (12 drawers)$3,623

Specifications for Snap-on tool cabinets were sourced from on June 15, 2021.

Tekton drawers are tested at 200 lb. (half of capacity) for 130,000 open-and-close cycles. Snap-on drawer slide testing is unknown.

* The higher number is a theoretical capacity based on Snap-on's use of double slides for certain drawers.

Steel Top with Rubber Mat

  • The sturdy steel top comes mounted on the cabinet housing
  • A 1-inch retaining lip wraps around three sides of the top
  • A thick 1/8-inch neoprene mat covers the steel top

4-Inch Casters

  • Each caster supports a max load of 420 lb., giving the cabinet a total weight capacity of 1,680 lb.
  • Non-marking casters resist shocks, vibrations, and a variety of chemicals

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Compare Tool Cabinets

Width30 in.36 in.48 in.60 in.60 in.
Height34.25 in.42.5 in.42.5 in.42.5 in.42.5 in.
Depth24 in.24 in.24 in.24 in.30 in.
Drawer Count677712
Max Load Per Drawer400 lb.400 lb.400 lb.400 lb.400 lb.
Total Storage Capacity9,828 in.315,456 in.321,252 in.327,048 in.332,022 in.3
Caster Height4 in.6 in.6 in.6 in.6 in.
Max Load Per Caster420 lb.900 lb.900 lb.900 lb.900 lb.
Max Cabinet Load1,680 lb.3,600 lb.3,600 lb.3,600 lb.3,600 lb.
Cabinet Weight330 lb.462 lb.508 lb.645 lb.820 lb.
Max Content Load1,350 lb.3,138 lb.3,092 lb.2,955 lb.2,780 lb.

30 Inch Wide 6-Drawer Tool Cabinet, Red (30" W x 34.25" H x 24" D)

Maximum Content Load 1,350 lb.
Weight 330 lb.
Country of Origin Cabinet made in Canada. Casters made in Germany.