SKU: 30683

16 oz. Fiberglass Handle White/Black Rubber Mallet

Ships November 27
  • Dual-material head features one soft black face and one non-marking white face
  • Solid rubber head delivers a softened positive strike High-strength fiberglass handle core helps absorb vibrations
  • Exterior poly jacket protects handle core from missed strikes
  • Soft, nonslip rubber grip is a directly integrated piece of the handle that can never pull loose
  • Made for construction, woodworking, and automotive applications
Soft, Solid Strike

Solid rubber head delivers a softened strike, protecting parts from damage. Whether it's soft or hardwoods used in construction, cabinetry, and furniture or the chrome, aluminum, and magnesium parts on cars, trucks, and motorcycles, you can safely apply persuasion without hurting sensitive finishes or surfaces.

Versatile Dual-Material Head

One side of the versatile head is made of a harder white compound that won’t leave marks on surfaces. The other side is a softer black compound designed to deliver a more cushioned blow.

Jacketed Fiberglass Handle

Made from high-strength, lightweight fiberglass, the virtually unbreakable handle core naturally dampens stinging vibrations. A poly jacket completely surrounds and protects the core, absorbing the impact of any missed strikes.

Nonslip Grip

A soft, nonslip rubber grip is the ultimate in comfort, and since it is a directly integrated piece of the handle, it can never pull loose like a push-on grip.