Retail Partnerships

If you're interested in selling Tekton® products, please read these expectations in full and consider them carefully. Our top priority is delivering an impressive experience to our end users–your customers. We have high standards for Tekton and expect all of our retail partners to maintain these standards.

About Tekton

Tekton® hand tools are made for expert users who are passionate about exceptional tools. This type of user appreciates intentional design, reliability, and attention to detail. The tools are made to last, and your experience with them is Always Guaranteed®.

About Our Guarantee

Regardless of when a user bought it, every Tekton product is Always Guaranteed. Above all else, this means that an end user’s experience with Tekton is guaranteed. If they return a broken or defective Tekton tool to a retail store, we expect our partners to replace it from their inventory at no cost to the user and then contact us for credit. If an item is out of stock or if it’s from a set, end users should be instructed to contact our Tool Solutions Team: 888-648-3371 (Mon - Fri, 9:00 - 5:00 ET) or

Always Guaranteed also means that our retail partners can contact us with questions, concerns, or replacements for Tekton products. Please use our Customer Hotline 616-214-8900 (Mon - Fri, 8:00 - 5:00 ET) or

Tekton Displays and Planograms

In any retail setting, display area, or showroom, Tekton products stand out because of their bold, consistent packaging and organized displays. We expect our partners to maintain their Tekton merchandise so that it's clean, attractive, and remains in good condition. The following standards apply to Tekton displays:

  • Tekton products should not be displayed in bins or on tool tables.
  • Tekton products with hang tags should be hung whenever possible.
  • Tekton products should not be placed on the same hook with other brands.
  • Tekton products are most suitably displayed in your main hand tool aisle or on endcaps.

Style and Logo Requirements

In retail businesses and in all associated signage, advertising, and publications, products must be branded correctly as Tekton®. Our customers also receive a Tekton Brand Standards Guide with additional details.

Intellectual Property

Tekton®, Always Guaranteed®, and all variations of these names are registered trademarks of Tekton, Inc. They may not be used, changed, or copied without our permission, and they must only appear in the colors, fonts, styles, and formats we have approved. When using a particular trademark, such as Tekton® or the Tekton logo, you must provide a statement that the appropriate mark is a registered trademark of Tekton, Inc. Our products incorporate proprietary designs and other intellectual property belonging to Tekton, Inc. Legal protections may include, but are not limited to, those provided by an issued patent. You may not copy our products or packages or provide them to your partners, vendors, or others for the purpose of developing similar products or packages. Our photos, drawings, designs, package artwork, and product descriptions are copyrighted materials. They may not be used, changed, or copied without our permission. You must describe our products accurately. You may not misrepresent our products in any way or provide anyone with specifications or descriptions inconsistent with the information we have provided. You may not offer prior versions of our products as current versions or used or damaged products as new.

Minimum Advertised Price Policy

We expect retailers to offer our products at an advertised price within 5 percent of our Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, except when advertising as a part of a Tekton-sponsored discount or promotion.

View or download the complete Minimum Advertised Price Policy.

New Customer Application

If you've read these standards and believe that your business and Tekton would form a strong partnership, please complete the application by clicking the button below.