Our vision is to make the world’s best tools accessible to every person. Tekton hand tools are at the center of this vision, and a Product Engineer is responsible for developing and verifying tool designs that they personally believe in and evaluating tools’ performance characteristics through testing.

A Product Engineer needs to be fast, effective, and comfortable with a range of technologies, including Adobe Creative Suite and CAD as well as measuring and testing equipment. A Product Engineer regularly collaborates with manufacturing partners, developing successful design and process solutions, so it’s important that this person clearly and effectively articulates complex ideas when speaking and writing.

Department: Product

Direct Supervisor: Chief Product Officer

Some Specific Role Responsibilities

  • Applies engineering principles to the design and manufacture of hand tools
  • Builds and tests prototypes and models to evaluate and refine design decisions
  • Assists in the selection and development of manufacturing partners and processes
  • Writes product standards for ongoing manufacturing and quality control
  • Develops and prepares test methods to evaluate the performance of finished products
  • Follows products into users’ hands, gathering and learning from their experiences
  • Works closely with Product Designers, Process Engineers, and the Quality Control Team


B.S. or equivalent experience in mechanical, materials, or manufacturing engineering or related fields

Some Key Skills and Traits

  • Experienced hand tool user with a deep knowledge of tools
  • A maker, creator, and builder with a curious, exploratory mindset and lifestyle
  • Strong aptitude for design and engineering in a broad sense
  • Proficient in CAD/3-D modeling and other standard industry software
  • Highly skilled in applying engineering principles to the design and manufacturing of products
  • Detailed knowledge of materials and their properties
  • Functional understanding of testing and manufacturing processes

Location and Hours

This is a full-time position in Grand Rapids, MI.


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Tekton, Inc. offers equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other legally protected status.