SKU: PLR99003

Pliers Set, 3-Piece (Slip Joint, Long Nose, Groove Joint)

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  • Slip Joint Pliers have universal, 3-zone jaws that grip multiple shapes and cleanly shear wire
  • Long Nose Pliers’ twin-blade wire cutter snips copper, aluminum, and soft steel wire
  • Adjustable nut and bolt fastener on the Slip Joint and Groove Joint Pliers can be set to desired tension
  • Groove Joint Pliers’ undercut tongue and grooves interlock for superior joint strength
  • Slim, nonslip grips are comfortable and easy to handle

Be ready for any job with the TEKTON 3-pc. Pliers Set. The Slip Joint Pliers’ universal, 3-zone jaws, with sharp, evenly spaced teeth grip almost any shape, including flat stock, thin sheet material, pipe and tubing in a full range of sizes, hex and square nuts, and bolt heads. Smoothly tapered down to fine tips, the Long Nose Pliers reach into tight spaces, grip small parts, and bend wire. The sharp teeth of the Groove Joint Pliers are angled to work with the direction of the overall design, creating a high-leverage, nonslip bite like a pipe wrench. Slim, nonslip grips add extra cushion and comfort without adding bulk.