Oil Filter Pliers

Item #5866
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  • Three-position slip joint design quickly adjusts to size
  • Right-angle teeth grip while turning in either direction
  • Long handles reach into tight spaces
  • Soft, comfortable grips offer nonslip control
Quick Adjustment

Strong and reliable, the three-position slip joint design quickly and easily adjusts to size, fitting filters up to 4-1/2 inches in diameter.

Sure Grip

Large teeth are set at a right angle to the jaw so they bite in either direction for a sure grip on slippery, oil-covered filters.

Long Reach

Long handles with soft, nonslip grips offer extra reach and leverage in tight places, going where most band-style wrenches can't.

12 Inch Oil Filter Pliers

Length 11.5 in.
Width 3.1 in.
Height 0.8 in.
Weight 1.1 lb.
Country of Origin China