Flex Ratcheting Box End Wrench Set, 4-Piece (5/16-3/4 in.) - Keeper

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  • Box end heads pivot 180° to easily get around obstructions
  • 72-tooth ratchet gears need only a 5-degree working swing arc
  • 6-point box ends designed to grip flat sides of fastener heads, not corners, to prevent round-off
  • Includes Store-and-Go Keeper with space-saving folding handle
180-Degree Flex Heads

Smoothly pivoting through 180 degrees, the heads hold any angle to slide onto fasteners. They are free to move with each stroke, allowing the wrench to navigate around obstructions along the swing path.

6-Point Box Ends

Providing a sure, snug fit on hex-shaped fasteners, the 6-point box ends resist slipping off while you work, saving aggravation and your knuckles. To prevent round-off, the openings contact and apply force to the flat sides of fastener heads rather than the corners.

5-Degree Swing Arc

Ratchet gears with 72 teeth require just 5 degrees of swing arc to reach the next tooth position, so they are fast and efficient when there's not much room to move. The teeth of the ratchet gears are cut, not press formed, creating a crisp, precise profile that fully engages with the pawls and can't skip or slip under high stress.

Organized Storage

The Store-and-Go Keeper has a folding handle that saves space in your drawer or tool chest. When you're on the move, the nonslip grippers lock wrenches securely in place.

Flex Ratcheting Box End Wrench Set, 4-Piece (5/16-3/4 in.) - Keeper

Weight 1.72 lb
Length 6 in.
Width 9.3 in.
Height 1.5 in.
Country of Origin Taiwan

Set Includes: