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Product Standards Engineer

Group: Product

Department: Product Standards

Direct supervisorChief Product Officer

As our Product Standards Engineer, you gather, keep, and share our product knowledge with those who need it. Your work helps Tekton make the best possible product consistently.  Like all Tekton employees, you must have exceptional values, including honesty, integrity, and empathy. The role also requires an unusual mix of highly technical and artistic skills.  We will rely on your knowledge of engineering, materials science, testing methods and statistical principles to create and organize information, and we will rely on your creative skills to translate these things into visual and written forms for use inside and outside the company. Through strong leadership abilities, you may be promoted to direct a team in these efforts. In that work, you will uphold a rigorous engineering culture and advance our approach to technical standards and documentation.

There are three main facets to this job:

  • 1. Create specifications. Product Developers design the product, but you help us create the specifications. Specifications must be consistently presented, organized, and updated. They must use rigorous logic, consistent systems of measurement, and clear illustration.  
  • 2. Test product performance. We must test products to make them better. In the course of ordinary work developing and making products, we already conduct a lot of product tests. However, you help us take this to a higher level. You lead, organize, and continuously improve our testing. You run tests yourself and will work with others to make sure their testing procedures are rigorous and useful. 
  • 3. Imaginatively present our product specifications and performance. This part of your job goes right up to the line of our marketing work. Through your knowledge of our product specifications and performance, you help us imagine how to share the results with our users in compelling ways. You work with the Marketing group to create graphics that show what is impressive and different about our products.  

Education, experience, and skills

  • You do not need a specific degree or job history, but exceptional engineering aptitude, strong ability in math particularly statistical principles, artistic skills, and a skeptical, scientific mindset are highly relevant skills. You will need to be broadly talented in working with both your hands and mind. It is extremely helpful in this position to have a comprehensive background using mechanical tools. A high capacity for learning, a commitment to excellence, and high energy are essential to success.

Location and hours

  • This is a full-time, salaried position located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

About the company

Tekton, Inc. is a family-owned company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are dedicated to making the best hand tools you will ever own, and we start by designing the products that we personally believe in and want to own ourselves. We focus especially on tools used in mechanical and assembly work; our core categories include systems of hand drive sockets and ratchets, impact sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers.


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