Comparing the Ranges and Features of Tekton Torque Wrenches

Tekton offers torque wrenches in two different styles: micrometer and split beam.

We sometimes get questions from users who are shopping for a Tekton torque wrench and ask us Which one is the best? Our response is that it's not a question of which item is better, but of which item is right for a particular application or user.

When it comes to the application, you should first consider a torque wrench’s drive size and torque range. You want to choose one that suits the situations you intend to use it in, including any manufacturer’s torque specifications.

Other considerations largely come down to user preference. Below is an overview of some distinguishing features that you might consider when choosing a torque wrench from Tekton’s lineup.

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Dual-Direction Micrometer
1/4 in.
1/4, 3/8,
1/2, 3/4 in.
Split Beam
3/8, 1/2 in.
Measurement DirectionClockwise / Counter-clockwiseClockwiseClockwise
Driving DirectionClockwise / Counter-clockwiseClockwise / Counter-clockwiseClockwise
Accuracy (±)4% CW
6% CCW
Includes Calibration CertificateNoNoYes
Unitsin.-lb./Nmin.-lb./Nm or
Store at Lowest SettingYesYesNo
Head StyleFixedFixed10° Flex
Setting MechanismTwist HandleTwist HandleThumbscrew
Setting Locking MechanismQuick-Release CollarLocknutThumbscrew Cover

So which torque wrench is right for you? It first depends what kinds of applications you plan to use your torque wrench on. Beyond that, you can choose between features that suit your needs or preferences, or choose the style that you feel confident using. Simply put, micrometer wrenches and split beam wrenches are two different tools with different features. Regardless of which style you choose, all Tekton torque wrenches are pre-calibrated to a level of accuracy that’s typical of high-quality torque wrenches and that is more than sufficient for normal uses.

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