2022 Screwdriver Updates

We've updated our screwdriver lineup; check out a few key changes below.

New Slotted Tip

Our new slotted driver has an electricians-style tip that's machined to be the same width as the shaft. This provides clearance to fit into narrow recesses.

The updated design has a strong, thick tip with more material at the corners to withstand high-torque driving and light-duty prying applications.

Available in two handle types with two blade finishes

Stubbier Stubby Blade

We reduced the length of our stubby driver blades from 1-1/2 to 1 inch. A stubbier stubby gets you closer to a workpiece for improved access in confined spaces.

Available in two handle types with a black oxide blade finish

Updated Set Offerings

The 61-Piece Screwdriver and Nut Driver Set includes every driver size we offer.

A new 2-Piece Sampler Set is an easy way to try out both of our handle types in a common #2 Phillips tip.

The 14-Piece Hex Screwdriver Set has our full range of metric hex sizes, including a new 1.5 mm hex.

Featured Tools

High-Torque Screwdriver Set (61-Piece)
High-Torque Black Oxide Hex Screwdriver Set (14-Piece)
High-Torque and Hard-Handle Screwdriver Set (2-Piece)