3/8 Inch Drive 12-Point Socket Set, 10-Piece (10-19 mm)

Item #1204
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  • Made from high-strength, heat treated chrome vanadium steel
  • Corrosion-resistant chrome plated finish
  • 12-point, high-torque design grips flat sides of fastener, not corners, preventing round-off
  • Notched drive locks onto ratchet or extension

For premium performance, choose the TEKTON 3/8 in. Drive Socket Set (Metric), complete with every size from 10 to 19 mm.

High-Torque Design

12-point sockets grip the broad, flat sides of fastener heads, not just the corners, delivering loads of torque without slipping or rounding off the head.

Stays in Place

Detent notches in drive end lock securely onto ratchets and extensions, preventing sockets from being dropped or sticking on fastener.

Premium Quality

Made from premium quality chrome vanadium steel, sockets are hardened and strengthened through a precise heat treating process and protected by a tough chrome plated finish that resists rust and corrosion.

3/8 Inch Drive 12-Point Socket Set, 10-Piece (10-19 mm)

Weight 1.1 lb
Length 12.3 in.
Width 3 in.
Height 1 in.
Country of Origin Taiwan