3/4 Inch Drive 6-Point Socket & Ratchet Set, 25-Piece (3/4-2 in.)

Item #SKT35104
Ships June 1
Also available in deep sockets

  • No skipped sizes
  • Extra large die-stamped size markings
  • Radiused corners prevent fastener round-off
  • Chrome-plated finish
  • Includes 72-tooth ratchet
  • High-density polyethylene carrying case

Large, Stamped Markings

  • Permanently impressed into the material by a roll-stamp die
  • As large as possible while still being readable along the socket’s curved surface
  • Clearly visible size numbers with extra-deep outline

Exterior + Interior Finishes

  • Chrome-plated exterior is highly corrosion resistant and wipes clean to a mirror finish
  • Smooth, broached interior is protected against rust with clear coat, rather than commonly-used metallic paint

6-Point Socket Opening

Provides an exact fit and maximum contact for hex fasteners

Prevents Fastener Round-Off

Radiused corners prevent fastener round-off by applying force to a fastener’s flat sides, rather than its corners.

Secure Drive Tool Engagement

  • Four detent grooves provide a secure connection with the retaining ball of a drive tool
  • Beveled inner rims help guide the socket onto other tools

High Torque Strength

Meets minimum value of 1.3 times the ANSI standard for Proof Torque. Verified by a single-cycle test that applies torque until specified value is reached without failure or permanent deformation.


Source: ASME B107.5M - 2002


Source: ASME B107.1 - 2002

Most Complete 3/4 Inch Hand Drive Socket Line

6-pt Standard2100000
6-pt Deep21111000
12-pt Standard21262525200
12-pt Deep000000
6-pt Standard2300000
6-pt Deep2300000
12-pt Standard23525000
12-pt Deep000000

Competitor totals based on available items in online catalogs as of Jan 16, 2019.

72-Tooth Ratchet

  • 5-degree swing arc
  • Ultra-compact head is reduced in all dimensions
  • Quick-release drive locks sockets onto tang and releases with the press of a button

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Included Accessories

8 Inch Extension

Reach past obstructions and into tight spaces. Knurled band provides grip for starting or turning loosened fasteners.

Universal Joint

Pin-style joints rotate smoothly and continuously to access fasteners at up to 55-degree angles.

Carrying Case

  • High-density polyethylene material withstands common lubricants, fuels, and solvents
  • Carrying handle, strong latches, and metal hinge pins
  • Molded size markings for each tool and a deep parts tray

3/4 Inch Drive 6-Point Socket & Ratchet Set, 25-Piece (3/4-2 in.)

A. Length 22.3 in.
B. Width 15.4 in.
C. Height 4.3 in.
Weight 31.8 lb
Country of Origin Taiwan
21-pc. 3/4 in. Drive Standard-length 6-Point Sockets (3/4-2 in.)
1-pc. 3/4 in. Drive Universal Joint
1-pc. 3/4 in. Drive x 8 in. Extension
1-pc. 3/4 in. Drive 72-Tooth Ratchet
1-pc. Carrying Case