SKU: 26671

#2 Phillips x 1-1/2 Inch Stubby Screwdriver

Ships January 22
  • Unique and compact three‐sided handle gives you the leverage for maximum torque in tight spaces
  • Premium alloy steel blade has a precisely sized tip for an exact fit in fasteners
  • Protective black oxide finish can’t flake off like plated finishes
  • Size marking on butt end is easy to identify in tool belt or drawer
  • Handle profile resists rolling on inclines up to 20 degrees
High‐Torque Handle

When you have limited room, the compact three‐sided handle makes the most of awkward hand positions by giving you loads of leverage to break stubborn fasteners free and extra control to turn and tighten them.

Premium Blade

The high‐strength blade is made of premium chrome molybdenum steel and has a precisely sized tip for an exact fit in fasteners.

Protective Finish

Rather than a layer of plating, the steel surface of the blade is directly treated with a hot black oxide finish—the same process used to protect firearms. This finish can’t flake off, and it preserves the precisely sized tip over time.