10-1/2 Inch Fencing Pliers

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  • Multi-purpose tool for installing, maintaining, and repairing wire fences
  • Seven tools in one: hammer, staple starter, staple puller, staple claw, two wire splicing crimpers, two shear-type wire cutters, and gripping jaws
  • Slim, nonslip grips provide comfort and control without adding bulk
  • Made from high-strength chrome vanadium steel
Mend Fences

With seven tools in one, it's got everything needed for installing, maintaining, and repairing all types of wire fences.

Grip and Snip

Jaws grip wire for pulling or twisting. Two powerful, shear-type wire cutters cleanly snip heavy gauge solid or braided wire with ease.

Crimp and Staple

Two different crimpers squeeze splices tight and close many styles of splicing connectors. The claw and puller dig out and remove old staples while the starter and hammer drive in new ones.

Comfortable Handles

A broad, rounded handle profile distributes force evenly across your hand to reduce stress and pressure. Slim, nonslip grips add cushion and comfort without adding bulk.

10-1/2 Inch Fencing Pliers

A. Length 10.6 in.
B. Width 2.3 in.
C. Height 0.7 in.
Weight 1.51 lb
Country of Origin China